EXIT 90 - Chris Dunn- Vocals, Jeremy Dunn- Vocals/ Guitar


EXIT 90 - Video Bio - Chris Dunn & Jeremy Dunn

EXIT 90 Band - Chris Dunn & Jeremy Dunn

Exit 90 is made up of Chris Dunn and Jeremy Dunn. The brothers were born and raised in Covington, Ga (Exit 90 off of I-20). They are two in a family of five kids. They started playing and singing at a young age. The spark to create their own music together had yet to be realized. They both enlisted in the Army after high school so were separated for a couple years. After Chris got out of the Army he started a career in law enforcement and also began writing songs. When Jeremy returned to the states from being stationed in Korea they began writing music together. Jeremy deployed to Afghanistan, but the brothers continued to write as they talked over the computer. When Jeremy returned home they started going out and performing more, continuing to write. Now they are striving to share their music with as many people as it can reach. Stand by for more from Exit 90! We aren't getting off, the journey is just beginning!


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